Jasmine enjoyed showing off her Scratch coding skills to her classmates. Her favorite creation was the Cat vs Mouse game. Basketball Bonanza is a lot of fun too. Give them a shot and share your high score!


Jasmine created many presentations with Prezi. She began with a timeline of her life documenting her major milestones through April 2014. In May, she made a presentation about Steve Jobs. After spending the first half of her 5th grade receiving treatment at Queen Mary Hospital, she returned to school and designed another presentation about why some languages become extinct.

Cally and Bean

To pass the time between during chemotherapy treatments in Queen Mary Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center, Jasmine enjoyed reading mystery novels. Inspired to create her own, she wrote three stories about best friends Cally and Bean (and a pet hamster named Nams). After drawing the illustrations, she worked with her mother and father to publish the stories. Cally and Bean: Middle School Mysteries is available in English and Traditional Chinese.

St. Baldricks

Jasmine is a St. Baldricks honored kid. Over the past 6 years, teams shaving in Jasmine’s honor have raised over $100,000 for pediatric cancer research.

Dragon Tales

The Hong Kong International School “Dragon Tales” publication honored Jasmine’s time with the school by dedicating two pages for her in the winter 2017 issue. The article includes many pictures of Jasmine enjoying time with her friends and at school events.

MSK Support

MSK Kids Child Life Services program brought Jasmine joy during her final year in New York. Upon her death, an outpouring of support made Jasmine’s Giving Page the top funded campaign in 2017. Over $100,000 has been raised to support the MSK Kids Child Life Services program.


Jasmine’s fight caught the attention of four athletes competing in the D10 to raise money for pediatric cancer research. After winning first place, they visited Jasmine’s at home and shared the good news and trophy. The team renamed themselves “J’s Bulls”, and even though Jasmine passed away before the next year’s event, they won first place again. An interview with the team documents why they trained so hard. Sadly, the team captain, Everett Cole Watson, passed away as well, leaving the team wondering if they should compete again. The team renamed themselves “E-J’s Bulls” in memory of Everett and Jasmine, dug deep, and won the competition with the three remaining athletes.