The Golden Sun

Winter came
Riding fast
On bitter winds

Ensnaring the sky
With a net
As dark as ink
So that
The Golden Sun
Would never rise

For years
That canopy
Of unending darkness

When one day
The tips
Of Dawn
Could be seen
The Golden Sun

Glorious rays
The darkness back
In full splendor
And glory
They painted
The sky
With their
Golden brilliance

Darkness could not
Trap the sky
For the sky
Was home
The Golden Sun

The Golden Sun,
and Rose-fingered Dawn.
Hand in hand,
they cloaked the life-giving Earth,
in crimson reds with yellow hues.

Feel the crisp, refreshing wind,
scatter those golden leaves,
who shine so brightly,
as if to match the Golden Sun.

The Silver Moon,
and velvety Dark Twilight.
Hand in hand,
they engulfed the flaming Earth,
in frosted whites with icy hues.

Feel the numbing, piercing wind,
cut through those fragile frosted leaves,
who are so brave and bold,
to stand up to the harsh rule of the Silver Moon.

And those brave, frosted leaves,
Are swept up by the numbing wind,
And lifted up to face the judgement,
of the Silver Moon.

And no matter how biting the glare of the Silver Moon is.
And no matter how numbing the piercing wind is.
Those frosted leaves shall not tremble nor bow down.
They stand defiantly up to the might of the Silver Moon.

As the frosted leaves braved the Silver Moon,
the Golden Sun,
and Rose-fingered Dawn,
reached out with rays of gold,
streaked with hues of red,
to melt the frost,
and to chase away,
the Silver Moon and the Dark Twilight.

And the frosted leaves,
were touched by the Golden Sun’s glorious rays.
But so high the piercing wind had lifted them,
They were caught,
in the holy embrace,
of the angelic clouds.

– Ellie Chang, Jasmine's 2nd-4th Grade Classmate