Summer Jeffery

I was once told that life is unfair, and I blankly underestimated the power of these three words. Life is unfair because it will take away the most pure and genuine people too soon in this world of hate, love, war, and peace. One of these people was Jasmine Psaris; she was amazing in every way.

Jasmine was beautiful, smart, hilarious, thoughtful beyond anyone, creative and imaginative always making new pieces of art or something incredible to blow me away. Out of everyone that I know she is the bravest and most courageous person I ever met.

I will never forget her smile and laugh because they both warm my heart and made me smile. She always carried the spirit of a fighter and the heart of an angel with her and gave me one thing that I can never repay her for: her friendship.

I was the one who got lucky because I had the honor of being Jasmine’s best friend.

– Summer Jeffery, 5th grade classmate

Ellie Chang

Jasmine is my friend. She is unrelentingly faithful, loyal and trustworthy. She never doubts me. She trusts me. Even after years of separation, on the day we met, she talked and played with me as if I were never gone. I could always trust her to keep my secrets because there was something about her. Perhaps it was something about the way she talked. The way she laughed. The way her eyes glanced at me reassuringly. There was something so pure about her that immediately made me trust her. And she has never revealed any of my secrets and she has never betrayed me or left me for another friend. I feel ashamed and burdened with so much guilt because she always played with me but I didn’t always play with her. I wasn’t a loyal friend. But Jasmine saw past that and continued to be my friend. Even when I couldn’t match her loyalty and faithfulness she still played and laughed with me. She is still my undeniably loyal friend.

Her positivity is unyielding. When she didn’t smile I could see the mischief and laughter dancing in her eyes. As if she knew something funny that I didn’t. When she smiled, it was so genuine, so full of joy that I had to smile back. Even when I failed at something she would smile reassuringly and I would know she had my back.

She loved the world so much. Every little thing made her happy. When I went to New York we went to a Math Museum. I thought it would be a boring place filled with only numbers and words. But Jasmine smiled and told me that the Math Museum was different. That it was filled with amazing things. I could tell by her eagerness and her smile that it was something she loved. So we went to the Museum. And that experience was something I will never forget. I learned so many new things. About Geometry, Physics etc. But I had fun. So much fun. We rode on a boat over uneven shapes just to discover it was a very smooth ride. We sat in a chair that twirled around and around until I got so dizzy I almost fell out of it. And Jasmine was there with me for every one of those rides. She was there explaining the Math to me. She was there explaining how everything worked. She was there to show her love for that Museum.

When I went to her house I marveled at all the little trinkets and mechanisms in her room. When I was touching one, Jasmine gently told me that I should be careful with it. In her tone and words I saw she cherished every little trinket in her room. And I wondered how such a small thing could earn the love of something much greater than it. And I realized, it hadn’t earned the love, the love had been given. By someone who thought that everything on Earth should be loved. And who looked to share that love with others. And because she loved everything, she was constantly surrounded by things she loved which enabled her the ability to brave through the worst.

– Ellie Chang, 2nd-4th grade classmate

Jacqui Sparrow

Jasmine was a little stubborn but smart and super fun. She always made us laugh with her witty comments. She was so fun to hang out with and I was really sad when she had to leave in 6th grade. It was quite sudden but hoped she would get better and come back to us. While she was getting treatment in NY, when our time zones matched, we would chat. Despite her worrying condition she never mentioned how bad it was and was so strong and she stayed just as stubborn but fun and cat loving. Jasmine will always live on in my heart. She taught me how to remain strong in tough situations and I will miss her dearly. I miss you Jasmine.

– Jacqui Sparrow, 5th grade classmate

Nicole Au

Although I didn’t know Jasmine for a very long time, she has been one of the best friends I have ever had in my life. I remember when I first joined the school in the middle of fifth grade, I didn’t have any friends, and not many people were willing to be my friend yet, but Jasmine was the first to accept me and be my friend. She wasn’t like other girls I knew. She never complained about anything or cared about the unimportant things so many people devote themselves to now. Though she suffered from a medical condition, if I had never asked about the scar on her leg, she wouldn’t have told me, and I would never have known, because she never complained about it, or talked about it much. Jasmine was always there for me when I was struggling with problems with other friends, and always made me laugh everyday. I remember the last time I saw her as clearly as if it only happened yesterday. It was near the time of halloween, and I carved a pumpkin for the first time with her. We had a lot of fun taking turns cutting out pieces from the pumpkin, and watching it transform into a jack-o-lantern. But not long after we finished, Jasmine told me that she had to leave for the U.S., and I hadn’t expected her to mean she would leave that exact moment. I didn’t have time to prepare myself for this information, and before I knew it, she was gone. I remember seeing her drive away, but I didn’t remember saying goodbye. I never thought that it would be last time we would see each other again. Thinking back on that day, I regret not arriving at her house earlier, and I regret not saying anything to her before she left. But I know that Jasmine is now with Jesus, where she will have no pain or suffering, and I am assured that she is in good hands. Jasmine was a true friend. I treasure all the times we spent together, and I cannot thank her enough for being my friend, because without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I will never forget her, and she will be an inspiration to me everyday, forever.

– Nicole Au, 5th grade classmate

Caitlin Lam

Jasmine was a really smart and sweet girl and I was devastated when I heard about the news that she had passed away. I will never forget her laugh, her smile, her voice and all the memories that I have had with her.

I first met Jasmine at the 5th Grade Camp where we were assigned in the same cabin. From then on, we became best friends. Jasmine was a really good student in HKIS. During breaks in the 6th Grade, I would always look forward to talking with her and hanging out together. She really liked swimming and playing video games, I still remember the time when we were at camp and we would race each other in swimming. At my 11th birthday party, she solved a Rubic’s cube in minutes and that had all of us amazed. Jasmine had Rubics cubes in all sizes and forms.

I begged my parents to go to New York this past summer to visit her. When the plan was finally confirmed, Jasmine and I freaked out and were spamming each other on whatsapp because we were so happy. As the days passed we grew more and more excited. When we got to New York, I stayed at Jasmine’s house for five days and we had fun by going to different places in New York. We also spent our days playing Minecraft and video games, making arts and crafts, hanging out with her cat Trixie and we even watched Minion 3 together. We went to a Math Museum and that was when I realized how good she was at math. She fought hard and I will always admire how strong and brave she was. I am really happy that I got to be Jasmine’s friend and I will miss her dearly and I will always remember her.

– Caitlin Lam, 5th grade classmate

Michelle Hoard

Jasmine was a radiant, sarcastic, witty, and genuine young woman. She made me smile and I have thought of her often since she left fifth grade.

Her book is still in my classroom and that part of her, her words and illustrations, will continue to live on throughout the years. How incredible it is that child after child will read Jasmine’s stories and that they will know her, just a bit.

– Michelle Hoard, 5th Grade homeroom teacher

Matt Lucas

I will always remember the discussions we had during the Continuous Movement runs and her persistence; her leg would say no, but her heart would say yes. She was such a clever and fun young lady. Jasmine helped not only her classmates, but me as well, to redefine perseverance; for that, I will be eternally grateful.

– Matt Lucas, P.E. teacher

Brandon Little

In August of her grade four year, 2014-2015, Jasmine Psaris entered a scary and uncertain future when her and her family discovered that she had cancer. However, she didn’t let that get in the way of her passions: reading, writing, and computer programming. She made a habit of meeting her teacher online for lengthy chats about life, school, and what she was working on while she was away. While she was at home, she wrote a lot. She created a collection of stories that her and her dad published together. Anyone who read Jasmine’s Adventures of Callie and Bean knew that she was a talented writer. As that year went on, she was determined to go back to school. With the support of her loving parents, she made a courageous and brave return in April of 2015, happy to be with her classmates and eager to learn. Although Jasmine faced a very difficult time in her life, she revealed many great qualities. She was plucky, talented, and resilient. With the news of her passing in late November 2017, those who knew her will remember that she was a remarkable young girl.

– Brandon Little, 4th Grade homeroom teacher

Philip Ng


A girl of nine, an IV in her arm, leaned on the hospital bed.
Facing the Skype camera with a cheerful smile,
She opens the Chinese text.
Together we read and read,
And then, with a clear voice, she asks,
Wu laoshi, how’s life at HKIS?

I say, It is early in the morning, students play four square and tag.
I say, They feed the carp fish with tiny pieces of bread,
I say, They shout hello to every friend they meet,
And then, I say, they enter their homeroom with their backpacks.

I wish to be there for sure, she says.
No more sadness, she says.
That's the joy in life I would have, she says.
And then, at ten, she came back…..

Sixth and seventh grades come
With laughter; the joy in life she hoped for,
Surrounded by family and friends,
And all who loved her.
And then……

It seems she is still around,
Reminding us of the thankfulness of grace,
And the importance of each precious moment of life,
And how to live with love and faith.

– Philip Ng, Chinese Studies teacher

Jacky Shuhu and Chao Aiyi

Jazz,我又走神了,龙头开着,水哗哗地流。想起你给我的节水“箴言”,尤其是那句 “著名”的“上肥皂的时候记得关水”记忆 的片段如水般流淌。两岁的时候在香港 某个海滩边,拿牢Mr Sushi大嚼冰淇淋,5岁在正大广场playground,一个猛子接一 个猛子扎在皮球堆里。7岁那年我们在珠海,三个人比赛谁走得快,我俩甘拜下风。 9岁来上海参加外公外婆的结婚纪念, 话说你头上怎么能顶那么多V! 也是那次 trip,我们去多伦路喝饮料,你对着铜像做鬼脸,完了还在二楼“训斥”一个吸烟男 子,自那时起就知道你的“胆识”可不一般!当然,胆识非凡的我们还是要hide and seek!! 还记得10岁那年在民阿姨家找复 活蛋么?某人在灯座上藏了一个,何等恶 劣的行径!!那年9月你身体抱恙,我们来香港,你亲自“指导”我玩ipad游戏,还 在 Jacky熟睡的时候偷偷潜伏过去… 去年海盐之行好像就几天前的事儿一样。我 们报了个小旅行团,你出发前“相中”了我的小黄鸭子,并把它妥妥地放在自己小挎 包里。我瞅了眼你的小包,梳子镜子everything真够organised! 一上车,你就把 人家好端端的团旗扎成了发带,还动不动 就折腾一下Jacky哈哈哈!路上,我听了 你收藏的音乐,心中不免有些吃惊,how peaceful,完全大人的做派嘛!小大人还规 劝我养猫,例举大量Trixie的事实企图打消我的顾虑,并约好下次来上海的时候帮 我去猫舍挑一个。这会看到当时拍的那 些“痴头怪脑”的相片不禁发笑,骨子里我 们都只活在了12岁! 今年2月再次纽约相见,你已沉静许多。不过…一到抢红包 的时候,可就原形毕露呦!!记得你连着几把只抢了几毛钱,坐在那里发急地“not fair”,其实你资产不少啊!哈哈哈! 我读过《小王子》,他离开地球的时候和现在 差不多,场面有些伤感,但其实大人们不知道他只是按约定回到自己原先出 发的 星球而已。我猜这会你已经到家了吧,路上还顺利吗?走得匆忙,都还没来得打开 猜猜盒 可能觉得一路上有些辛苦 吧?没事,洗刷一下睡一觉又是好汉一条!写着 写着眼前不禁朦胧起来,你若是在,肯定又得说我should not check email at night。好吧,先聊到这里,今晚你我都睡到自然醒哦!

– 超阿姨和Jacky叔叔