I am a person Like all the others but one different thing it is... That I am me!!! That's Jasmine


I like purple Purple flowers Purple markers Purple everything PURPLE ... ... ...

Sticky Flowers

Sticky flowers with bees pollinating them Sticky flowers are sticky so Do not touch Sticky flowers


Peas are yummy and mushy Peas are as mushy as a couch Peas are yummy and mushy but this one's sharp OUCH! ... ... ...

On Butterfly Wings

On butterfly wings are ears and patterns and lots of colors wings can fly flapping all around but always falls down

Small Ant Holes

Lot of ants working hard for food Lots of marching ants Trails of ants going into holes Are their home ... ... ...

Growling Bears

Growling bears are like hungry tummys Growling bears are like ringing phones Growling bears are like cars driving

Dirty Mud

Dirty mud, Dirty mud mud can be fun splashing around getting dirty having fun but have to take a shower ... ... ...

Cave Of Skeleton Head

Caves have bats dead skeletons and bears you walk, waving your flashlight ROAR !!! you get frightened and run out


I like drawing Trees Suns People Grass I like drawing ... ... ...


Crayons can color Crayons can draw You can draw whatever you like One problem ... You can't erase !!!


Dots count as drawings dots can be artwork dots are small ... ... ...


Erasers can erase pencil No pen Erasers can erase color pencil Not crayon


I like races, Running races, Jumping races, Skipping races, Shuffling races, Hopping races, Jogging races, I like races!! ... ... ...


Toys are fun Toys are small Toys can walk around all day long


Cars go fast Cars go slow Cars go as slow as you can go ... ... ...


I like math Times Divide Plus Minus Lots of math


Surprises can make your hickups go aw......ay...... ......SURPRISE!!! I had the hickups and it went away!!! Yay!!! ... ... ...


Opening present can be ...... YAY!!! My skeleton is here!!


We lose teeth and grow teeth but we never will grow a second tooth that falls out ... ... ...

Glittering Hair

Glittering hair is like Sparking hair Shinning in the sun Light is glittering hair


Happy faces Sad faces Frowning faces Grouchy faces Playful faces Sleepy faces Lots of different faces

Pebbles With Patterns

Some pebbles have patterns on them With lots of different kinds of rocks and pebbles

The Dust In Water

The dust in water can stick to you You wash it off and you are clean But You go back in and it sticks again

Night Stars That Glow

Night stars glow of wonder Making all the stars connect and make a lion shape Stars make the night night light

Where Do I Find Poetry

In small ant holes In the dust of water On butterfly wings In dirty mud In a cave with skeleton heads In sticky flowers On night stars that glow On pebbles with patterns In glittery hair In growling bears


Today my mom bought me candy and toys That's why my mom is AWESOME !!! ... ... ...


Justin is my brother He can be grumpy but he is funny

My Dad

My dad is fun He builds us forts And he swings us around By our feet AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ... ... ...


Susan is my aunty She is very nice She cooks and she cleans Susan is my aunty and she is very nice


Joy is when you are happy and something wonderful is going to happen ... ... ...


I hope for a healthy life and to not get sick Hope for no storms and a fair life


Peace is quiet and calm no fighting Sleeping at night It's when the world is prefect ... ... ...


Love when my mom and dad tuck me in bed I feel love playing with my family I feel love Love is important