Noe is a person that is kind. She is 21 years old and never misses anything she needs. She is a genius at building things. She knows a person Jeff, that helps her with things. Jeff is a famous astronaut that is very tall and he eats a lot.

Now it was during time after she ate she watched TV and read a book. She read the book "Dont let the pigeon drive the bus" It was hard for her. She tucked herself in bed and went to sleep.

Noe was in bed, trying to go to sleep. It was 2:00 in the morning. She decided to get dressed and make breakfast. She wore her unicorn pants and a purple shirt. The unicorn pants were VERY furry and has 1000 very tiny unicorns that are 1mm small. She had scrambled eggs for breakfast. She got out the eggs and started cooking. When she was done, she put it in the plate and ate. Then she noticed it was six o'clock and the sun had not come out. It was summer.

She headed for the phne to call a famous astronaut, Jeff. She knew him because she read the newspaper and it said famous astronaut Jeff call "61918343" and then become famous. Noe got the phone and called 61918343. "Hi" said Noe "For some reason there's no sun", said Noe. "Oh, then build a rocket and we'll go to outspace and see what the problem is okay?" said Jeff. "OK" said Noe. "Bye" and Noe hung up. She walked out the door and drove to the junk yard. The junk yard was smelly and had flies all over it. The flies were like lots of smoke.

She got out tools and started building. She gathered metal, glass and wires. She used the wires to make the engine, glass, the windows and metal the top and the middle. "Cling clang crashed!" It broke. Start over again. "Cling clang bang bang bang" and there it was. The inside of the space ship had lots of dust and other junk and smelly, the windows were dirty and it had flies all over it.

She had finished the rocket. She tested the seats and the steering wheel and it worked. She got the phone and called Jeff. Jeff came right over and put the rocket in his truck and they drove to where you could do anything you wanted. They setup the rocket counted down 5 4 3 2 1 Blast off ! They saw the steam under them, there was a lot. Three hours later...

"Look we're in space but ... I don't see the sun" "Good thing I brought matches" They put their suits on and walked out the door. It was pitch black and they saw stars every where they looked. It was as dark as the night at 12:00. Noe was scared. She felt like she was going to go back into the spaceship and drive back to earth without Jeff. "I am scared" said Noe but went out. They went around every spot but could not find the sun. "Lets just light a planet on fire to make the sun" "OK" The got the matches and lit Jupiter.

They went back to earth but it was 1:00 in the morning and the sun was shining. " I guess, we will have to change our time on the clock" said Noe. So they did. But Noe thought other people would get messed up.

The End